Monday 3 May 2010

Mynxee for CSM5

Mynxee for CSM5

I have no problems to publically make my votes known and to show my support for Mynxee and her campaign this round of CSM.

I feel that perhaps it needs some justification apart from the fact that my fictional character wants to bed her. So here we go;

Mynxee has had a mayor impact on my life in EVE. From the very first time I actually got to meet her for a Celebrity Death Match I have admired her commitment to the community and the game. It was after meeting her I knew where my EVE-life would take me; the Bastards and honourable piracy.

The Hellcats have since left Evati and the Bastards alliance and its core members; Shea Tian, Venom Orchid and even Mynxee herself have moved on to other things. Such is life, eve-life even more so. The Hellcats leaving the Bastard alliance made me consider giving up on the Bastards, that’s how high I hold these ladies in esteem.

The high quality of her blog has been part of the reason why I am blogging myself and with her association saw my own popularity skyrocket. The majority of my blog referrals come through her site, very much so helped by our joint venture EPIC CDM. (Part #1 and Part #2)

Mynxee as an avatar has been the muse in my first fictional story some 8 months ago, if you so wish please read; chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3 and chapter 4. (Please note this story will be republished this year with some corrections and more artwork).

Outside of EVE Carole is a RL Facebook friend, (however shallow this medium may be) it meant a lot to me for such a high profile player to share her RL details with me.

Last year Mynxee just missed out on running for the CSM, I believe due to passport issues, however this year she is in and sharing herself with us as players even more!

Her campaign affects my every day life in eve as it does for many, many others and thus she needs your vote too! Her main campaign points are;

*Low sec content for outlaws and changes that reflect low sec's outlaw nature and will create a more vibrant, compelling environment for all who live and operate there—outlaw or not.
*UI improvements to streamline routine tasks and tweaks needlessly cumbersome design. I will request a session at one of the Iceland summits to discuss planned UI changes, learn where they are in the backlog, and push for sharing a "backlog summary snapshot" with the player base on a regular basis.
*Continued balancing of logistics and e-war, particularly harsher consequences for remote-repping neutrals and more diverse options for countering ECM.
*Discouraging blob tactics by removing some of their advantages--perhaps by subjecting fleets over a certain size to "stacking penalties" tied to the ship types in each wing/squad.
*More timely communication from CCP, particularly in response to en masse negative reactions from players to dev blogs, game changes, and game-related events. I believe the CSM should be tasked with a more active role in assisting with this and will push for discussion with CCP about it.

I also hope she finds an opportunity to address;
*T2 Rigs; and the fitting requirements thereof. T2 rigs have higher fitting requirements than their T1 variants but it makes them useless for most ships other than perhaps Capitals and Super Capitals. I would like to see these used more and perhaps have the fitting requirements match that of the T1 types, the fact that they are 10 times the cost should be enough of a limitation in use anyway.
*T2 Frigate prices (build requirements); Some T2 Frigates are extremely overpriced due to the too high requirements of T2 items. It would be nice to see more T2 frigs out in space.
*Rokh drone-bay increase. I don’t actually fly the Rokh but this is a noble cause.
*Probe Scanning; Mynxee has touched on this subject and some great ideas have been proposed already for making probe-scanning less of a complete ball-ache. It would be great if probe-positions could have standards settings or if a ‘save-option’ would be made available.
*Implant distribution; the way implants are distributed sometimes makes no sense. The omega slot 6 is also the slot that is required for implants that give related bonuses to the faction sets. Also if one would like to get a head full of armour, gunnery or missile related implant concessions will have to be made; for example ROF and damage implants require the same slot etc etc.

Please visit Mynxee on her blog or on her campaign website for more information, above all; don’t forget to vote!!!

Important dates;
May 5th - Voting for the fifth CSM opens

May 19th - Voting for the fifth CSM closes

May 28th - Results of the fifth CSM elections announced

June 3rd - The fifth CSM take office

June 22nd to June 25th - First CSM5-CCP summit in Iceland

December 7th to December 10th - Second CSM5-CCP summit in Iceland


  1. Thank you for a wonderful endorsement!!! I am barely staying caught up on reading due to work deadlines but glad I caught this post!! Happy to discuss you suggestions/issues but they are best brought up as proposals in Assembly Hall to gain player support.

  2. Mynxee's already got both my accounts votes, awesome blog + awesome person, as well as an actual properly formatted campaign are all big selling points, 99% of the other people you can't tell what the hell their stances are, i mean honestly put some effort into your campaign and CSM vote page notes like mynxee did.