Tuesday 2 March 2010

Reluctant Blog Pack Drop Out

My inactivty due to RL stuff in December and January have killed my blog pack status. I am no longer part of the 20 most coveted blogs, in fact with the blog packs expansion to 50 it appears I'm no longer in the top 50 either...

The decision to drop me seems fair enough as I did not stick to the rules set out by our Blog-Father. I will be back...

Well done to all the new members, looking forward to reading all your stuff!!!

Ps; coming soon 'A week in the life of...The Python Cartel'

***NINJA EDIT*** Am Back in the Pack!


  1. You got me with that panda! Consider yourself back in! But don't tell anyone and make sure to post, post, post!.. ...but you never heard that from me!


  2. Looks like the Sad Panda has an extraordinarily ability to appeal to CK's pathos! This post in conjunction with its outcome was pretty hysterical, so congrats on making the pack!

  3. Clearly, we need to investigate CK's obsession with Ailuropoda melanoleuca. I suspect a connection to Jamyl.

  4. Just show CK a teacup pig and his head might exlode:


  5. Aww, sad pandy looks so sad, honestly who can resist that? Also yay for your continued stay in the pack \o/

  6. Will you take a look at that adorable Porky Pig!!! Here cutesy!! OK then, who wants to be in the Pack as well? NOT!!

  7. lolol worked like a true pirate.