Monday 3 March 2014

Battle of the Nuet-Tristans

With Rixx's latest project in full swing I feel honored to be included in this sexy collectors card series.

Living just a few doors down from Rixx for the moment and with him online it seemed like a good time to go and visit him for some pew. Running a few systems past Hevrice to go and meet him was risky, I didnt want to lose the only frigate I have around here on the way before I even got to his location.

On arrival I demanded to see him in person for honorable frigate pewpew but it appeared one of the locals got him just as I arrived, exploding his Atron. Rixx Javix lives in Hevrice just a few jumps back so I decided to hold here and wait for him to return. Rixx briefly introduced me to his crew who seemed eager to watch me explode. Running around celestials avoiding them and chatting at the same time was a bad idea and before long Joffy, one of his corp's better pilots snagged my Merlin and made short work of it.

Damn that little shit, I'll come back for him some time soon.

Hevrice seemed to be the only system around here with a good selection of ships and items so it made sence to just meet up with Mr Javix there. Browsing the market quickly and checking what was available a descision needed making on what ship and what fittings to use. With Rixx's last frigate being an Atron I guessed he would fly something same or similar and chose a Nuet Tristan as weapon of choice. Keeping Rixx waiting for long enough he offered to meet me in a local small plex before GL's where exchanged.

Rixx has beaten me before in some weird and wonderful fits so this was sure to be interesting. The Nuet Tristan is a good brawler, especially agains ships reliant on capacitor for tank or weaponry but is vulnerable to kiting. D-scan revealed Rixx too was flying a Tristan and I have encountered some kiting Tristans this week...this could go badly wrong very quickly.

Activating the gate my heart started racing, overheat everything, concentrate... slowing down...he is 40 off...30...11....5...YES! thank fuck he is not going to kite me! locklocklocklock...  Bam! the battle was on.

Red streaks of lighting struck both Gallente Frigates, deployed light combat drones ejected from their holds and set to work. My shields melted so fast I barely had time to get the small Ancillary armor repair module switched on in time. My ship was already on fire before Rixx's Tristan lost it's shield capacity.

This was not going well at all, a small amount of my armor came back just in time to stop my ship from erupting into space-dust. WTF is going on?! where is my cap? I am injecting damnit, why isnt my armor repper working?! Another volley from his Warrior drones punched straight through the remaining sliver of armor just before the Ancillary repper activated and kept running properly. My armor shot back up to near full strenght just as his started to give in.

With his repper being reliant on capacitor it wouldnt activate again and his fate was sealed. A bright flash briefly lit up the nearby beacon as Rixx was ejected in his capsule.


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