Wednesday 26 March 2014

Quad stabbed Drake!

Aeschee provides relative safety for the selection of pirates and thieves residing there. Despite their different backgrounds, corporations or even beliefs an unspoken non-aggression pact exists here.

Occasionally an outsider passes through but it is unusual for them to stay long, or at least stay alive long.

But every once and a while a brave, deluded soul believes that the riches of low security space are to be shared by all.


Celina's Drake was easily found using scan probe technology. Catching him wasn't hard either, keeping hold of him turned out to be the tricky part.

After escaping the clutches of my duel-scram tackler the first time an alternative strategy was required.

Patience and determination paid off when the Battlecruiser pilot, eager to finish his mission, made his final mistake.

Four scramblers are enough to disable even the most stabilised of warp-cores.

The stunned victim was quickly overpowered by two frigates and the destruction of the coward ever sweeter knowing his 4 warp-stabs did not guarantee safety.


  1. Thank you. It seems that most hunters would miss out on the kill and then complain about wcs being op.

    You used the in game solution.

  2. I am persistent if anything.....