Monday 24 March 2014

Blogbanter #54: Heroes


Early 2007 I ran into a Shae Tian. She seemed to be pretty popular in local and I wanted to find out why.

A little research led me to her blog and through the blog-pack others as well. Before long I had started my own blog and started the CDM series, picking fights with as many EVE celebrities whom would accept my challenge.

My heroes where The Bastards and Hellcats, their blogs telling the mighty tales of combat and destruction. Flash allowed me to fly with them after I beat him in a fight and before long I donned the skull and rapier logo on my flight suit.

I flew with the guys I looked up to and have fought other EVE legends over the course of the years. Some have gone but some remain.

Those I look up to, my heroes, are still those that stand out from the crowd. Those few that are exceptionally good or make the EVE community as special and unique as it is.

Maybe it is time I look them up and re-start Celebrity Death Match...