Sunday 23 February 2014

First blood

A mighty red ball off electric fire erupts in Auner. The space inside it temporarily contracts before spitting out the gigantic hull of his Thanatos carrier. 

Besides him floats Anabaric's Kestrel, bound and stuck by it's activated Cynosoral field.


'No problem, welcome home'.


Docking up 'Dame Death' is to easy, his personal hangars are practically empty. On the far end a lone Rifter leaks oil. 

The footsteps behind him are distinctly Anabaric's. 'Need some Isk to get you back on your feet?'

'Nah, thanks for the offer though, I am gonna try being poor for a while'. 'Are Rifters still good?'


Resbroko was bustling, the ongoing wars between the four factions apparently increased the population in Molden Heath tenfold.

At the far end of the system a Novice site caught his attention. The Rifter banked port side before making warp speed. 

The long warp unsettled him, it had been a long time since he had fired a shot in anger. At 14 au his directional scanner showed a Condor was present at his destination.

Ammo check, heart pounding, activating gate, weapons hot, exiting warp, he's here...

Pre-heated scrambling prevented the Condor's escape. Tracking disruption only temporarily slowed the heavy damage output and before long the Condor burst violently in two.

Without pause, without thinking Nashh locked the escape capsule and engaged his auto-cannons.

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