Friday 19 February 2010

Help Desk #3

Installment #3 in the Help Desk series brings you; 'Funky Chicken Fits'.
I have been laughed at by corp mates, random people in local and the guys that killed me flying this;

Yes, I agree the fit is stupid. However I love the 'free thinking' option of EVE, there is not just one way to fit anything and everything has its own purpose in our universe. The purpose of this drake was solo gate camping. Varieing online times can mean that you find your self alone and bored sometimes and for shits and giggles you come up with stupid ideas to entertain yourself.

This Drake had cost me in the region of 55 million Isk and killed; 2 pods, 1 Caracal, 2 Bestowers, 2 Iteron IV's and a Harbinger before it got raped and laughed at.

I have seen some crazy fits including small guns on Battlecruisers, mixed sized weaponary on Battleships, split tanked Ishtars, Nano Drakes and Lazor Myrms.

What is your opinion? Should we all fly Battleclinic approved vessels or do as we please?


  1. As long as you are aware of why you are doing what you are doing, ignore the know-it-alls.

  2. Ditto what Kirith said above. There is also the surprise factor of opponents who believe you are fit just like Battleclinc says you should be.

  3. Much like many other areas of life, one should not break the rules / accepted wisdom until one understands them. Once that understanding has come, one can break the rules when appropriate.

    In other words, if you know WTF you're doing, trying new things is awesome. That's different from being a n00b putting small autocannons on a Ferox.

  4. Thanks guys.

    Ps how do i delete spam on my comments?

  5. really delete that idiots comment...

    I agree with kirth 110% and i actually love this question how fast was your lock time on the capsule? its an interesting idea, but think it would work better with guns, instant lock + instant hit = fast death :D

  6. agreed, guns would be instant but require travel to a target as range would be an issue. lock res is about 800ish...