Friday 19 February 2010

EVE 2010

EVE 2010

Here is a late post on my plans for 2010. It's late as RL has taken hold of my blogging time and my desire to pewpew any other free minute I get. I am working on the right balance...

Plans for RL life;
  • Baby NO2 is underway and should arrive in no more than 3 weeks from today.
  • I am getting married in September.
  • Stop smoking, drink less, work out.
  • Moving somewhere sunny at the end of the year.
  • I hope to attend Fanfest 2010 with the family and represent the Bastards.

In Game Plans;

  • No more flying blind drunk, tipsy is ok.
  • Achieve the rank of 'General of the Air Force' (currently I am a Colonel)
  • Get in on some capital kills.
  • Refine skills for the ships I fly currently, then branch out to Minnie ships.
  • Build more and expand my fleet.

On the Blogging front;

For one I will finally install Word on my new laptop and post just from there, as posting from work messes up the layout, text size and fonts for some reason.

I have some new blog topics in the pipe line and some old ones to build on here is a brief description;

  • Celebrity Death Match

A second EPIC CDM had been in the making, one where I intended to field a Carrier and a support crew (Celebs) to fight Goon CEO Karttoon. Some delays and a long story later you can guess that this is now not happening. However the plan is not dead, so expect a Carrier CDM this year...

Other CDM's are still pending; Crazy Kinux, Arrhidaeus, and lots more well known Pilots to meet and fight...

  • A week in the life of...

A new post about Nashh spending a week with well known Corporations to tell the community about an outsiders point of view of these corps. Finding out what kind of things they get up too, what the crews are like and an oppertunity for these corps to advertise their reqruitment status etc.. should be fun!

  • Help Desk

A topic that is hard to work with as most topics I intended to discuss here are done and done again. However one post shall follow soon; 'Funky Chicken Fits'. This topic may die out soon after but lets see how we roll...

  • Fiction

Fiction story's are still brewing and I shall post at least 2 full storys this year.

  • Pirates Ahoy!

How can I live a pirate's life in New Eden and not write about them?! Excactly, this post shall describe the adventures of Nashh with the Bastards and friends. The Corp has big plans this year and there shall be plenty to write about, some action, some stupid mistakes but above all a bit of fun!

I hope I havent lost too many readers with my absence and I thank all of you with your kind words, either ingame or on the blog.

Watch this space...


  1. Glad to see you're still kicking Nashh. What's the baby's due date? We've got baby #3 coming March 8th.

  2. I'm a faithful reader and look forward to all the cool stuff you're planning. Also looking forward to seeing pictures of your new arrival--it's gonna be an overload of cuteness at your house considering how adorable the first kid is :0

  3. Thanks guys! 14th March is the due date but the missus looks ready to blow any minute tbh... =)

  4. Make sure you buy him/her a little pirate outfit with matching cutlass.

  5. I think we all need to fly piss drunk from time to time, in order to really push the limits of our ships.

    Actually, I was going to make a long blog post about this (but never did, meh), but you'll notice in: they never mention the Hippocampus as being particularly important while playing video games, which is what is primarily impaired when you imbibe large quantities of alcohol. You'll have to deal with tunnel vision, poor judgment, and slower reaction time, but if you factor in state-dependent learning (as in, if you always PvP drunk, you'll be better at it than if you try to PvP sober) you're probably fine at the end of the day.

  6. Interesting stuff Arrhi, hiccup...