Sunday 29 November 2009

Weekly Update #12

Weekly Update #12 (23rd November- 29th November)

I am back! And back in HD! My new laptop is a beast; superfast and sexy graphics. EVE has become a whole new experience. Running two clients is not a bother either and it has been a dream coming back after 4 weeks of eve abstinence.

The only fucker is that it runs windows 7 and it has some loading issues every once and a while. But I am working on it. Also as mentioned before she aint pretty hence my request for artwork to plaster over the laptop cover. I have had some interest but only one piece has been sent in sofar. A job well done by TehMastersword;

Please note the competition is still running and the prize is increased to 500 mil for the winning design; so don’t make TehMastersword win by default!

Celebrity Death Match
CDM #18 has also been completed, Kirith Kodachi and myself duked it out once more to break the tie. Kiriths faction fit Mega proved too much for me but good times have been had by both.

Something EPIC brewing again as I am planning my next EPIC CDM. This EPIC CDM will be played out in the New Year and nothing is confirmed just yet but I can let you know it shall involve Carriers. So excited already!

I have managed to stay at the top of the killboard for the entire week! Maybe not such an achievement for some but it sure does excite me. I know the week isn’t over just yet and K Starwind and Ronindata are set to beat me but at the time of writing this and just a few hours to go I am still victorious.

There is a few pod kills on there and some low blow kills on unsuspecting haulers but a kill is a kill. Also the stats got boosted by Realyfs class-A find of an offline POS. After stealing their ships we proceeded with taking out the majority of the modules but with the lack of BIG guns we left the tower standing.

A Raven got ransomed for 100 mil and after a swift payment I have my name on the ransom board also.

One of the highlights this week however was going on an 8 man Interceptor roam with Ronindata. Some nice kills got scored and good fun all round.

A surprising number of T3 cruisers have been encountered this week. All got away with their damn cloakyness and speed. I did get on a T3 killmail but at the receiving end. A super fast locking Loki ripped up my Drake and pod. /me sighs…

I think my favourite kill this week must be this Jaguar which we ended up chasing for 170 clicks. I had him tackled but simply couldn’t break his tank, Wikkid had him perma-jammed throughout the 10 minute engagement but it took Realyfs experience to contribute a mere 915 damage points to finish him off.

I will be very busy for work in December but I shall be in space for every spare minute…

Watch this space…


  1. Grats on the new rig! Really can change the game…and Dominion is probably going to sing on that beast. Cheers Nashh.

  2. I look forward to the day when I jump back into the pod and take you down!

  3. There is a common bit of advice passed around from artist to artist in the digital art world, and that is to wait a while after making a piece to look at it again and decide if you like it. If you judge it as you are making it or immediately after, you will just nit pick it apart until you hate it, so it is best to wait.

    Its been a while since I made it, and I can safely say I like my work. Hope you do too, and with any luck, it will get those people who showed interest to get crackin on theirs!