Saturday 28 November 2009

Celebrity Death (re-re-) Match #18 Kirith Kodachi

Kirith Kodachi – Blogging Allstar

Kirith Kodachi, the man with self professed verbal diarrhoea, and me vowed to catch up after our very first meeting some 4 months ago. This very first meeting was to be victorious for me. And a glorious victory is was, spreading my favourite blogger’s Myrmidon across space in my favourite ship.

After much fist shaking and trying to find time for each other, a rematch finally came about. This time however Kirith outsmarted me and as skill-full as a surgeon took my destroyer to bits without taking any damage himself.

We agreed at the time that if indeed he would win our second battle the score would be a draw; a CDM impossibility. Kirith agreed to fight me in my favourite ship class if he would win the second meeting and therefore I felt victorious already when I found my pod bobbing gently in space.

My foe claimed two CDM firsts; a fight in Destroyers and now in Battleships. The fight dubbed ‘Rumble in Rens’ unfortunately got postponed due to laptop issues on my side, but late on Thursday night we managed to catch up to arrange the duel for the following night.

I rushed home from work on Friday night with the knowledge I had to get my Battleship to Rens and I was at least 22 jumps out, with the added issue I would have to check/change the fitting.

My fleet had been stationed around the Amamake area in the time I spend with the Caldari Navy. Most of my ships there have been either destroyed or taken to bits and sold for parts. Most of my modules in that region have also been sold, all just to fund my new passion; pirating.

I arrived in a shuttle to pick up my standard Raven the ‘Woop-Ass’. One of originally 6 Battleships here it is my last, and she was finally going to see action again.

It sported a target painter, something this fight clearly did not require and a drone bay full of random drones. I stripped the drone bay out and added the one Faction Sentry drone I had left and some mixed Tech 2 mediums. The fit originally had a MWD but out of experience flying with Kirith I knew that would be pointless as he would catch me anyway. Instead I chose to lose all non tank/gank gear and built a brick shit house, created for only one thing; Kiriths doom.

I would like to dedicate this fight to ‘Lars Matterson’, an EVE capsuleer who generously donated 50 million isk to be used for the CDM series.


‘Woop-Ass’ slipped into the darkness, the rear of the enormous Raven class Battleship lit up by the bright light bleeding from the undock point.

As the ship aligned for planet 1 my heart started pounding more intensely. I could do with a CDM win; the score board certainly does not favour me at this stage.

‘Warpdrive active’ Aura informed me as I checked my systems and drone bay format.

‘Rokh?’ I asked, expecting Kirith to fly a blaster Rokh. As I landed his answer came at the same time his ship entered my overview…

‘Mega’ Kirith smiled…’Shit’…

Cans were exchanged and I knew this was going to be a tough one as our ships aligned to planet 2.

I entered warp a second before Kirith but on landing he was already waiting for me. The tjirping of my targeting system lasted only seconds but it felt like an eternity. Primed Tech 2 Torpedoes needed no encouragement, shaking of the gathered dust as they left their bays.

‘Launch drones!’ I commanded as the first volley hit. Wave after wave of Torpedoes exploded viciously through his shield and ripped away large chunks of his armour.

The 20 click gap closed fast, even faster than I had expected. My shields trembled with every hit my foe scored, now in a comfortable orbit around my vessel.

Powerhouse versus powerhouse, slugging away mercilessly. Overheating modules burning brightly, glowing red. Huge Torpedo impacts lit up the blackness.

This was not the match that required flying skills; it was a mere test of strength and defence. With his armour reaching a low point a sliver of hope crossed my mind…

‘Your ship is out of control’ Aura bleakly noted as she spat my escape pod into the void.

A giant dust cloud engulfed my pod as bits of Raven splattered against its side. ‘Well done Kirith, good fight!’ I managed to squeeze out. ‘Wow!’ he replied excitedly.

This was sure to put a spring into his step for the rest of the day I figured. I was happy for his win as I am sure he had been hunkering for this moment since that fateful day I separated him from his Battlecruiser.

Kirith had taken drastic steps to ensure victory; he had fitted nearly his entire ship with faction modules. After all he does have a reputation to uphold. It takes balls though to take out such an expense, I mean this fight had taken him to 19% armour and I bet he was sweating a fair bit throughout.

Props to Kirith for bringing it once more and giving me a thrilling fight to remember, I am looking forward to the write-up my friend! Although this is the last CDM we will be fighting against each other I hope this is not the last time we meet. But more on that later…

Watch this space.


  1. Blog post is coming Monday morning, but suffice to say I was nervous as hell watching my armour and your shields race to 0.

  2. hehe LOL! hope you had a good time dude, I sure did! I love the stress/excitement building up to the event!

  3. great fight! waiting for the followup!!

  4. Next: Carriers?

  5. For your next fight I would suggest fighting in E-war frigs, as they take a lot of skill to fly as opposed to a straight up slugfest. :) Both are tons of fun, but Imo one is a test of mathematics the other a test of pilot ability.

    Anyhow good fight kirth grats on the win, better luck next time nashh :)