Wednesday 11 February 2015

War - Ishomilken belongs to us

‘Stabber near top station’ Derothar crackled over the radio, ‘gonna check it out’.

A moment passed before he returned with good news; ‘its Rixx guys, I am going in’ Derothar sounded excited about using his Vexor against the bane of Isho. Confident in his skills Dero launched drones and opened fire with his blasters. Rounds of antimatter crashed into the Minmatar cruiser as mixed flight of drones settled in a comfortable orbit before opening fire.

‘Has he aggressed?’ Lazy demanded, keen not to waste his time warping over for the target to just dock up safely.

‘Negative…yes YES!’

‘Roger on my way’

Bastard director Lazy did not want to waste the opportunity to get a Rixx Javix kill-mail and brought out his favourite Machariel. Over the years Lord Lazy had grown a particular dislike towards Rixx and despite being curbed by his CEO to keep smack-talk to a minimum, killing him was never discouraged. He chuckled to himself as the warp-tunnel collapsed behind him and target-lock began resolving, this stabber was done for.

‘Drake drake drake!’ Derothar shouted over comms, ‘it’s neutral, do I engage?’

‘No I got this’ Lazy smiled as the Stabber piloted by Rixx erupted and sprayed wreckage over the undock, neither Derothar nor Lazy found the time to catch the escape capsule.

‘Drake secondary’ Lazy commanded as superheated rounds of EMP smashed deep into the Drakes toughened shields.

‘Watch your range Lazy, he is burning for you’ Derothar noted, ‘Domi undocking, and another Drake, watch your six Lazy!’

‘Fuck he has a scram, I am scrammed, nail this fucker now!’ Lazy sounded a little worried now his Battleship was unable to propel itself to a safer distance.

Station security had already begun firing at Lord Lazy for his unauthorised aggression on the Caldari battlecruiser and despite having powerful resists the Machariel started to take more damage than the shields could handle.

‘I cant tank this much longer, are you going to be able to get out?

Lazy did not respond, rage started to build deep within him, fucking pirates with positive security status, what a joke. He knew he was doomed as Derothar exploded just off his starboard side.

‘Good fight!’ Rixx Javix laughed over the local radio, just before re-appearing from the station in an Atron class frigate.

Despite best efforts and the Drake succumbing to extensive autocannon fire, Lazy knew this was the end of his beloved boat. A bright blue explosion briefly lit up the side of the station before covering it in dust and wreckage.


Nashh Kadavr laboriously studied some documents before signing them and filing them in the trays on his desk. He did not like to be disturbed unannounced and nobody ever had, not twice at least.

Lord Lazyghost did not care for this and burst into the room before pacing up to Nashh’s large oak desk. Without pause he loudly planted a battle report in front of his CEO and slammed his fist on top.

Nashh slowly sat back in his leather chair, his frown relaxing as he saw the anger on Lazy’s face. Lazy being angry is not something new to him and most of the time he would simply ignore it. Bulging, bloodshot eyes peered deep into his own, something was different about Lazy.

‘So?’ Nashh started off whilst picking up a cigar from a drawer. ‘You died, what’s the big fucking deal?’

‘Positive sec’ Lazy hissed between his teeth.

The sulphur tip from the match crackled, before lighting the cigar between Nashh’s lips. A large, grey plume of smoke separated the men momentarily. Nashh waved his hand dismissively to encourage more words from Lazy’s mouth.

Lazy whispered with venom and anger in his voice; ‘War, I demand we declare war’

A stern look formed slowly on the CEO’s face as he contemplated his options for a moment. Two thin trails of smoke escaped from his nose as he looked up from the battle-report to his friend in front of the desk.

Nashh nodded ... ‘make it so…’