Wednesday 25 February 2015

Bam Stroker for president

So I don’t usually do this kind of thing but there is one candidate with a vision that affects me and therefore I will make this public recommendation. I run 4 accounts so my votes will be split; Xander will receive some coz he is a cool dude, Mangala and Sugar Kyle will get some as will some of the other lowsec related CSM candidates.

My main votes this year however will go to Bam Stroker, let me explain why;

The main reason I play this game is for the community that it has created and maintains. EVE Community is the best, it’s the reason I returned and still play the game, it’s the reason I do #EVE_NT.

Despite EVE having created and harbouring some of the worst of humanity we also have the most helpful, caring and genuine people in any game-community. Specifically the unique game style and the fact that we create our own content have pushed all of us to work together for common goals in and out of game. Organising #EVE_NT and attending other great events in real life has shown me how well eve-players get on and show how much passion we all have for this wonderful game and the other people with the same hobby.

Bam has chosen not to go with all the other CSM candidates that will continue the fight from the usual angles and game-play problems and improvements. Bam will be fighting for all of us in a different way, by strengthening the community aspect of EVE.

CCP has been great in the support of out-of-game events and specifically CCP Guard has been a pioneer in improving the relations and contact between organisers and developers. We still have a way to go to make this even better and I see no better way of doing this than having a CSM member stepping up to make this so.

I wish you all the best Bam and I hope you do well in your endeavours, maybe next year I will stand beside you and we can both fight the same fight!

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