Friday 20 February 2015

The Truce

In the boardroom adjacent to his office, the entire management team sat waiting, some more patient than others.

With a gentle woosh the door opened and Shabana entered, indicating Nashh would not be far behind. Commander Known rose from his seat, prompting Lazy to call him a brown nose.

The Bastard CEO entered the room, still on his NEO-com finishing a conversation. Surveying the room he nodded for Known to take a seat before thanking Shabana and handing her the NEO-com as she departed.

'Thank you for your patience, and apologies for my absence, I had some personal matters to attend to'.

'First of all I want to congratulate you all for your efforts in this...' Nashh gestured dismissively with his hands ..'war..' 'The positive kill ratio in the face of higher attendance by the enemy, clearly shows our superior strength'

'I appreciate the propaganda war is not easy, facing this fake messiah, but I am pleased you all kept to the truth, and that..' Nashh jabbed a finger at the large oak table, 'that is what people will remember'.

Ithica Hawk smiled, knowing that his CEO referred to his efforts in keeping the truth in the public eye, fighting injustice with his pen.

The mood turned a little darker as Nashh reclined in his seat and went silent before continuing.

'Earlier this month..' Nashh had to clear his throat, 'we lost a dear friend…. permanently'.

The room remained quiet and several of the Directors stared at their feet. Everyone had heard about Lex Fasces, some knew him personally, not all enjoyed his company, but all had learned to respect him.

'To send him off in the best way possible, and to celebrate Lex's time in New Eden, The Renegades under command of CyberTen will lead a roam tomorrow evening'.

On the far side of the table Marco cracked a smile, remembering some of the stupid shit he had experienced with Lex.

Nashh continued; 'The Frosties will attend this roam..'

Several heads turned and jaws dropped, but none had the courage to interrupt a stern-faced Nashh.

'Starting noon tomorrow until noon the following day, we will observe a truce with ABA, so both parties can partake in this send-off'.

Nashh observed the faces of his friends around the table, some looked disapproving.

'This is not negationable, not following this direct command will result in immediate dismissal'. 'Spread the word gentlemen, you are dismissed...'

For some moments in life there are no words.

RIP Lex Fasces

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  1. Well Said nashh.

    I will Honor this truce for Lex But come 12:01 Sunday rixx is mine if he will engage us that is.

    RIP LEX Lost but never forgot