Sunday 4 January 2015

Titan Smash aftermath...

Let me start off by saying what an amazing night last night! Best fight had in a long time in EVE with excellent attendance! TIDI obviously kicked in but CCP came through in the end and the system held just fine.

Let me continue by explaining my relationship with I Want Isk;

Organising #EVE_NT is something I do because I enjoy the community aspect of EVE and wanted to create an event for like minded people to catch up and share good times. Partly to attract higher attendance and to please guests, I spend a lot of time and effort into creating content and gifts for the event. This is achieved by negotiating deals with sponsors both in-game and in real life.

I Want Isk helped the first #EVE_NT as a sponsor and wanted to be a bigger part of the next one. The total amount offered was 500 billion isk to be distributed via raffles and tournament prizes. Please note that specific details on how this is split is not available as the entire sum has not been received and these details will not be available until then.

After EVEbet blew up a Supercarrier a few months back I suggested to the I Want Isk owner, Gonz, it would be a cool idea to blow up a Titan to promote the event and their website, using part of the sponsorship isk, rather than additional cost. We agreed 100 billion isk from the budget would be used to do this in-game promotional event.

So then what happened?

After posting the original thread and talking to people in-game and on social media it became clear pretty quickly that (of course) large numbers of pilots would turn up. The biggest single entity would be RvB led by infamous Mangala Solaris and a organised defence fleet would be required. Shadow Cartel was also scheduled to come along and I asked W0Wbagger if he would take control of the defence fleet, as I certainly have no experience in these massive fights.

Thanks to W0Wbagger, Paquito and Hunlight we managed to get a T3 fleet organised, in which I would later fly myself. At great personal expense I fitted the Titan and Titan-pilot, bought 4 carriers and 80 ewar frigates (for dead pilots to return in) to make the event last as long as possible and get maximum exposure for #EVE_NT and I Want Isk.

Shadow, Snuff, Dead Terrorist, Immediate Destruction and Bastards all committed personal assets to this fight, expecting to lose everything to the massive NAVPOC fleet. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those pilots involved willing to lose several hundreds of billions of isk in assets to make this event possible.

Then what?...

A fight ensued, a big-ass fight! More and more pilots filled local and outnumbered us 6 to 1. We kept at it and Snuff and Shadow scrambled to get lost pilots back into the fight we were sure to lose. RvB fought an amazing fight and nearly tipped the balance in their favour. Hunlight our FC called targets like a machine, coolheaded and steadfast, W0Wbagger kept an eagle eye on our losses and judged if we were able to continue or had to bail. Our bail out point was set at 20 guardians left (from an initial 40) and at one point the fleet dropped to 22 left. By using wormholes and cynos some dead pilots managed to reship and come back, no spare ships were pre arranged. It was close but in the end, to all our surprise, we tumbled over the breaking point and seemed to be holding the field!

The RvB carriers left on field were let go and local was invited back to come finish off the Titan (now refit to civilian fittings). As promised the Titan died, with in the end 800 people on the killmail. Significantly more than the 200 man defence fleet.

What an awesome night! Or so I thought. Knackered after a whole day of hardcore EVE I got a poke from I Want Isk owner Gonz, asking if I wanted to defend myself in front of their board and e24 reporter Bobmon about the 'failed' event.

'Failed' event?!? What are you talking about? Iron Bank (BL) led the charge of me 'rigging' the event and the defence fleet 'winning' the event and shooting the Titan.

Unlike my usual self, I am lost for words. Let me just be clear that no agreements had been made with I Want Isk about how this event was to go down, I simply got 100 bil to make it happen. The agreed prize was 20 billion isk for the killmail. That's it, that's all there is too it.

Just because the defence fleet won, the opinion of some is that this is unfair. I disagree but am tired of arguing the point. The defence fleet won, but only just, and had fully expected not to, but put their isk on the line regardless. This said, my suggestion to I Want Isk would be to pay the 20 bil to the incredibly brave (and lucky) Drake pilot who got top damage, I will personally pay 20 bil to the SC pilot who got the final blow.

To conclude...

I had a great night and again want to thank everyone for their involvement and attendance.

If I Want Isk would have paid for the defence fleet I agree the prize should not go to one of it's pilots. But they didn't. At great personal cost for each pilot involved came to fight and that's that. But opinions differ.

For anyone organising future events like this I recommend you have rules and regulations clearly stated before the event. I will endeavour to make things clearer for future events. I will note however, that the overwhelming feedback I have received, from all sides, is wildly positive, with many getting their first taste of a huge fleet fight and first titan killmail (made accessibly by the awesome NPSI guys of RVB ganked and spectre).

I want to thank I Want Isk for putting up the initial funds to allow for this ingame event to happen and whatever decision is taken on their end regarding the prize money or future event sponsorship, I hope to keep a working relationship with them.

Kind regards,

Nashh Kadavr
CEO Bastard Alliance
Organiser of #EVE_NT


  1. My Celestis lived the entire fight. Then I warped back in a Rifter and made it onto the Titan kill. Much fun was had.

    At one point I locked up multiple targets and made sure I was orbiting the anchor and went downstairs and made a coffee and a few slices of toast. Came back five minutes later and jumped straight back into the action.

    Great stuff, thanks for the fleet fight and event. What happened was fully as expected I feel.

  2. Wonder why more actual fleet didn't come ?

    Node was not reinforced mcuh really ?

    1. pl got braved.

      other than that it was one massive slug-fest between SC and RvB...

      i thought it was rather playable, i lost an archon after it froze up, the other 2 accounts kept working. granted in 10% TIDI but still ok...

  3. As you know I've put on dozens of events over the years and if I had any suggestions it would be what it seems you have learned from this experience. Always post rules ahead of time in a public place and link to them constantly, even if you have no expectation that those rules might be followed by everyone, they should still be there. That way, no one can argue with you afterwards. I do that for each and every FFA we hold and it works great.

    I know you and I know you had the best intentions. But it is rather easy to fall into a black hole and these events, no matter how carefully you try, quickly escalate out of control. They always do. So you have to plan on that as well.

    Also people have a bad taste in their mouths after the failure of the Revenant event and are pre-disposed to think something is going to go wrong. That's just the way things are right now.

    We essentially decided to sit this one out for the most part. Nothing against you, but I wasn't willing to risk high value assets knowing what was going to happen to local. But some of our pilots had fun, especially afterwards.

    Live and learn.

    1. yes but u change things and dont award actual winners there prizes u say they were in fleets or had boosts or ewar then award prizes to ur friends

    2. Is it true that Rixx Javix is a reptilian from the Draco constellation who didn't want to risk his isk because the Illuminati told him not to do it?


    3. let me know when you do your supercap-event rixx and i'll come to learn from the master then!

  4. Personally I really enjoyed the event, and I was flying a frigate. It was my first fight over 50 people, it was my first time of seeing super carriers and a titan. From an Isk and Killboard point of view, I got nothing from this. From a personal satisfaction point of view, I loved it, would definitely do it again. I understand that I didnt loose much in the grand scheme of things, but its stuff like this, as well as the stuff CCP do, that entice young pilots to aspire to the bigger ships. Seeing the raw power of a coordinated battleship assault, whilst at the same time their logi is attempting to keep them alive from super-carriers assigning fighters to them (some poetic licence taken there) is something that really is breathtaking. Yeah ok, some may say that it wasn't fair that the defense fleet won, but the way I see it, is that the hosting team won the event, like in any sports tournament where the hosts win. I agree with Rixx that perhaps in the future rules should be made available well in advance, but this means that there are future events. Without these kind of things, how else are new players like me ever going to see big fights like this without joining a null-sec group, which is not what i want to do. As little as my voice is, I just want to say thank you to all involved for enriching my EVE experience that bit more.

  5. Nash, thank you for setting this up. It was a great event, our crew (IOS) had a blast. I was in the middle of the furball with my Ishkur and had a great time. Thanks! (ps. some screenshots:

  6. Wasn't his idea, it was suggested by someone that a civilian fit titan would be a hilarious killmail so it was refit when the rvb fleet was invited back to shoot it.

  7. Pleasing people in eve is like trying to scoop water with a strainer.

  8. anonymous post only count if you say nice things.

    i took the mods back because they were mine. if we would have lost the fight with rvb they would have stayed on. but we held the field so...

    civilian titan = best titan

  9. Nash you already know my opinion and gripe on this.. I suggested during the fight that you pull your fleet off the field while the Napoc fleet was still on grid at the 3rd hour mark... That was my complaint. I never once said !Rigged... all be it what I am mostly known for :D

    Don't be so mad mate about criticism bud..

    - Iron

    1. As a member of the "defence fleet" I would have be highly pissed if half my fleet warped off while the other half was tackled; so some douche suiciding a titan can feel better about himself

      You and all these other stupid inbreds screaming foul need to get it into your heads. Once we landed on grid; Nash had no sway what went down. Our FC's imperative is best scenario for the fleet. Not individuals.

    2. Sorry I came in heavy with the insults;

      What I mean to say in closing.
      You can only -mildly- fault Nash for getting us involved.
      Not for anything that transpired thereafter. It was an organic outcome. Not predetermined. We were just doing what we always strive to do. Fight the odds. And come out on top.

    3. Hi Iron, I had to minimize all convo's and convo requests during the fight so i didn't get to read your message until later.

      I am a sensitive bloke i guess and the criticism killed me off a little after a long day.

      All is well now I think, onwards and upwards. Drama over.

  10. Nassh was kind enough to explain the entire situation on DJ Wiggles shown on Eve Radio.

    People. You have to take the man's word for it. There was no ill will intended. If you're that butt hurt about modules on a Titan after the field was surrendered then I suggest you go back to WoW or LoL, or whatever slimy rock you crawled out from under that keeps your raging swollen vagina dry and pampered.

    A civilian fit Titan is hilarious. No YOINK looting for you hahaha

    1. beautifully and poetically worded as ever.

      xxx Harri!

    2. But... but.. my sense of entitlement just cant let it go :(