Thursday 8 January 2015

Fiction; Frostbite part 1 of 2

Prowling the Heimatar region for unwilling victims Nashh uncloaked his Dramiel after entering the Ishomilken system.

A novice site close-by contained an Incursis class frigate according to his  scanner.

The Dramiel aligned smoothly before warping the relatively short distance to the combat site.

Acceleration gate, activate, heartbeat speeding up, concentrate, weapons hot, lock, point! Engage!

Rockets spewed forth and superheated rounds of Phased plasma crashed into the Incursis.

In return rounds of antimatter hurtled back and started to rip chunks out of his shields.

The Incursis commander initiated contact in the local channel;

'Nashh?! It's me Venom!'

'Venom? B.b.but you left?...'

'I came back!'

The famous and much loved female pirate halted her ion blaster fire and recalled her combat drones.

'You broke my heart...'

'I am sorry hun, but I needed a break, I am truly sorry'

Anger and rejection filled him with rage as Nashh overheated his weapons rack.

'I am not'

A violent explosion briefly lit up the nearby beacon as Venom Orchid's frigate erupted, expelling her escape capsule.

The once ruthless, female, pirate captain must have lost her sharpness or gained a death wish, she made little or no attempt to get her pod out.

'Do you feel better now?'

'A little'

'So how have you been?'

'I keep myself... What the?!'

Being distracted by one of the most beautiful pilot in new Eden was enough for a Stay Frosty gang to sneak up on him.

'Cavalry baby, your Dramiel for my Incursis seems a fair trade'

'Damn you Venom'
Nashh exclaimed before firing shells deep into Venom Orchid's escape capsule.

The Dramiel was lost, overwhelming damage evaporated his remaining shield, the reinforced armour and it's hull.

Lightning quick reflexes and plenty of practise allowed for Nashh to get his capsule out, leaving behind the laughing pack of wild dogs.

'You suck!'
 Harrigan shouted over the local radio waves.

'Fuck you, stay blobby you fucknuts'

What is it with these Frostians. Like some cancerous cell it slowly consumed those he loved. Roc, Kinux, Harri, and now even Venom

'I hate you Rixx Javix, may you burn in hell'
Ending the long warp on the Usi stargate, something didn't feel right. Heightened senses of danger troubled him.

Before any action could be taken he realised his fate was already sealed. The moment that followed seemed to pass in slow motion.

Around him the corpses of at least a dozen capsuleers gently floated in space. The Frozen and mangled remains of a body gently bounced of the side of his escape pod.

'Fuck you too Santo'
 Nashh managed as a Proteus uncloaked beside him and lit up a rack of smartbombs...


  1. 'I hate you Rixx Javix, may you burn in hell' is a pretty common expression in space, I'm totally used to it.

  2. Looked at your KB trying to see if this fiction had a basis in reality but only found so found that entertaining at least, but also noticed just after that.

    1. nah this story is entirely fictional. non of the events actually happened and are based on complete bull@$".

      I love those kills you found there though ;) that actually happened.