Tuesday 6 January 2015

Drama continued...

So the drama continues. What a shame.

I will not sink to the level of some others and keep the moral high ground here. It is clear the relations with I Want Isk have soured beyond repair and any future working relationship needs to be terminated with immediate effect.

This is a sad state of affairs indeed but unfortunately the only outcome possible after the drama that unfolded and fuelled by others and ill-informed, unknowing participants.

In the early hours of this morning I was served with the ultimatum to apologize publicly or lose the I Want Isk sponsorship for #EVE_NT. I could but won’t post the related chat log as I do not think it would be appropriate.

As I refuse to publicly (or privately) apologize for what was a successful in-game event all participation by I Want Isk has now officially been removed.

There is the matter of 100 billion isk that has been sent to me as part of the prize fund for #EVE_NT that has been requested back from I Want Isk. My conversation this morning ended with me explaining I will consider this, however I am in no position until later tonight (I am at work) to send this back. I Want Isk have therefore taken the stance that I have refused to send back this isk.

This is simply not true, but as they have already slandered my name regardless; now I do refuse to send back the isk. It doesn’t feel right to use this isk as prizes at #EVE_NT as it would still be related to I Want Isk and that just doesn’t seem appropriate. I will not be keeping this for myself; instead I have sent it to Chribba to hold on to until the next PLEX-for-good campaign and I will donate the full amount to charity.

It’s a shame that there will be fewer prizes to give away at #EVE_NT but remember there are still 100 plex and a Malice to give away sponsored by EVEbet.com. If anyone wants to step forward and donate anything to give away as prizes please feel free to contact me via evemail!

I want to thank everyone for their support over the last few days and wish I Want Isk the very best in the future.

Kind regards,

Nashh Kadavr
CEO Bastard Alliance

Organiser of #EVE_NT


  1. And "I want ISK" still got a very, very public spread of their name. They win-win, and you/#EVE_NT lose-lose. Bullshit from their part, they could of ignored the 100B in the name of advertisement.

  2. Only people loosening out in this drama are the player base for eve. As the event have fewer prices to give away shame really. Great event nashh none the less. Shame it did not go the way some people wanted it to go....

    Note to Iwantisk Next time you want someone to run an event for you give them some guidance don’t just let them do it. As then you will be able to complain if they don’t do it how you said for them to do it.... in this case your aid sort and event and get the titan killed which happened and 1700 people turned up and enjoyed it. Main aim of this event was to raise your name and Eve_NT names by killing a titan, Titan died job done. but to me now it just seems like your causing a shit storm to keep your names in the eve press and milk this publicity teat for all its worth

  3. At least you got a killmail

  4. Well paying out the 20 billion isk for the killmail to a pilot in the defense fleet was a sure thing to cause trouble.

    If only you wouldn't have had a defence fleet at all, then this never would have happened and the entire even would have been done in minutes..... And you would have had even more complaints because the event would have been as boring as possible. At least now some people had fun.

    1. I can just see the comlains now Raziel. OMG it was over so fast becasue of tidi i was still in warp or still trying to jump into system fuck you nashh wost event ever bla bla bla.

    2. There absolutely had to be a defence fleet. This would have been a total non-event if there wasn't. Any time I have been to anything like this there has been a fleet defending the 'sacrificial cow'. Hell, even The Tuskers' Death Race had a fleet 'defending' the finish line and I don't remember anyone complaining about that.

      The only issue here is the usual self-absorbed vocal minority being buthurt they didn't get 20 Bn ISK. Presumably most of them resubbed their accout for one month in order to win the ISK...

      Maybe letting the defence fleet get the final blow wasn't the best idea. No matter who won there would have been tinfoil hats aplenty for how that was a fix.

      Great event Nashh. I loved it and most of the people who are important loved it.

    3. all this drama for 20 billion isk. it is a little weird and a shame.

      thanks for all the supportive comments.

  5. I have flown in ad hoc defense fleets for other events such as BMTHOKK and there was not an outcry. So he knows better defenders . . . deal with it.

    For what it is worth, Nashh, I believe your side of the story.


    1. thanks mike, thanks for coming on last night as well, sorry i was so tired and we didnt get a chance to catch up!

  6. Iwantisk is being ridiculous. Eve_NT will work without em. :)