Monday 17 February 2014


Tonight had been calm. Relatively speaking.

Nashh pondered the view from the command deck of his small Amarr tower.

The pale blue light emitted from the local star lit up the brown and gold interior of his temporary home.

Just outside, floating next to a ship assembly array was the latest addition to his expedition fleet. The Tengu class cruiser had substantial damage and smoke billowed from the graviton reactor.

'Aura? Have maintenance look over Pengu.'

'As instructed master' the tinny voice of Aura responded.

Nashh Kadavr browsed a brief summary of the days earnings on his NEO comm.

'400' he sighed. Earning an honest buck had proven to be hard. And risky.

So far his endeavour to reclaim his wealth had only put him in more debt.

I need something bigger, something  riskier. Third party service maybe...

His reflection in the triple layered plexiglass smiled back at him.

'Its good to be back'...