Saturday 3 July 2010

CDM Stats and Stuff

CDM Stats and Stuff

I intended to post an update on CDM stats every 5 CDM’s. I am posting this early and late depending on how you look at it. Early as CDM 20 has not been posted yet, late as I have already posted CDM 21.

Anyways, please find below a list of all previous CDM’s with a brief description and below that any statistics one might find interesting.

CDM#1 Shae Tiann

The very first CDM, I lost but I loved every second of it!

CDM#2 Wensley

The Rifter-drifter graciously lost in inferior fit Cruiser and BC.

CDM #3 Mynxee

An exciting first meeting with The Mynxee, I lost but if she would have asked me to self-destruct I’d say yes…

CDM #4 Roc Wieler

My hero slapped me upside the head a few times…

CDM #5 Kirith Kodachi

My favourite blogger gets spanked in BC duel. A great start to a series of meetings with this legendary blogger.

CDM #6 Venom Orchid

Highly controversial meeting involving triple ECM fit Kestrel. Perhaps one day our re-match will be done…

CDM #7 Tonglil

The Weekend warrior gets beat twice, also a great video made by Tony!

CD re-Match #8 Roc Wieler

My hero slapped me upside the head a few times more… And I get to see the infamous Roc Wieler Firetail

CDM #9 Manasi

Great meeting with this chap! Lost but didn’t mind at all. One of my favourite meetings so far.

CDM #10 Kane Rizzel

Kane flips a coin and kicks my head in.

CDM #11 Flashfresh

Cruisers with BS sized weapon. I won at this first meeting with the Bastards proper. This was also the post that gave me Blog pack acceptance.

CDM #12 Spectre3353

My first attempt at Gallente vessels turn sour, see me crash and burn in a tussle with this Jerk.

CDM #13 Hallan Turrek

Classic frig duel with a real man. I got spanked and realized I need a different frigate fit.

CDM #14 00Sage00

A 2-1 defeat against this top class pilot. Also one of the longest posts made to date.

CDM #15 Ga’len

Another fantastic person to have met, and be beaten by. I still have the Rifter he donated to me and he is part of the reason I started Project Rifter.

CDM #16 part 1 Planet Risk

The first CDM of the EPIC variety, this post tells the tale of how I got to the agreed fight location, arguably more exciting than the actual fight itself.

CDM #16 part 2 Planet Risk

The fight told from my perspective and an amazing video thanks to Teadaze and Planet Risk.

CD re-Match #17 Kirith Kodachi

The first of 2 long awaited Re-matches with Mr Kodachi, this time I get outsmarted in a clean victory for Kirith.

CD re-re-Match #18 Kirith Kodachi

The last ever CDM meeting against eachother, in a long awaited Battleship duel. I get beat and Kirith wins 2-1.

CDM #19 Prometheus09

A Stealth bomber duel first, did you know Stealth Bombers have turret slots? I didn’t.

CDM #20 Arrhidaeus (NOT POSTED YET)

Not posted as the Video is still in production, and yes I suck at making videos.

CDM # 21 T’amber

An unusual time trial dual in Jita, one not to be repeated you crazy Celebs!

CDM POSTS22 (includes two part CDM#16)
Celebs fought19
CDM fights27
CDM fights declined1 (Chribba, Karttoon)
CDM fights pending (agreed to fight me)3 (RoninData, Crazy Kinux, Aiden Mourne, Entity)
CDM Rematch pending2 (Venom Orchid, G'alen)
ScoreCelebs 17- Me 11
Ships lost in process (includes CDM prep)21
Pods lost in process (includes CDM prep)2
Isk spent on CDM2263 Million Isk
Isk Donations made to CDM 200 Million Isk
Largest single Donation150 Million Isk (Mynxee)
Ship Donations Made for CDM2 (1x Navy Caracal, 1x Rifter)
Sponsership Isk Received400 Million isk
Largest Single Sponsor Ship400 Million isk (T'amber)
Jumps made for CDM1259
most jumps made for a CDM159 (CDM #16)
Longest wait for a celeb15hrs (Venom Orchid)
Videos made3 (CDM #7, CDM #16, CDM #20)
Celeb postings after beating me14
Celebs that posted a blog after losing3
Words typed for CDM28749
Average per CDM post1307
Longest CDM post2073 words (CDM #16 part 1)
most read CDM to dateCDM #19 Prometheus
Frigate CDM fights11
Frigates destroyed5 (3 x Rifter, 2 x Punisher)
Frigates lost6 (6 x Kestrel)
Assault Frigate Fights1
Assault Frigate Destroyed1 (1x Ishkur)
Assault Frigate Lost0
Destroyer CDM fights1
Destroyers destroyed0
Destroyers lost1 (1x Catalyst)
Cruiser CDM Fights7
Cruisers destroyed2 (2 x Rupture)
Cruisers lost5 (4 x Caracal, 1 x Thorax)
Battlecruiser CDM fights3
Battlecruisers destroyed2 (1 x Myrmidon, 1 x Hurricane)
Battlecruisers lost1 (1 x Drake)
Battleship CDM fights2
Battleship destroyed1 (1x Dominix)
Battleship lost1 (1x Raven, 1 x Dominix)
Faction Cruiser Fights;1
Faction Cruiser Destroyed; 0
Faction Cruiser Lost; 2 (Mynxee's Cynabal, 1 x Navy Vexor)
Covert Ops Frigate fights1
Covert Ops Frigate Destroyed0
Covert Ops Frigate Lost1 (1 x Nemesis)

Watch this space...

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  1. Cool stats. I think you have one mistake here:

    CDM fights declined 1 (Chribba, Karttoon)

    As you have it listed as 1 fight declined but two pilots are listed.

    P.S. We should rematch again some time.