Thursday 12 March 2015

Fanfest 2015 - My schedule and recommendations

Unfortunately my plane doesn't land until about 3pm on the Thursday but I am trying my best to attend the following sessions or if I cant make them at least I intended to ;)

For the rest of the time I would expect to be meeting as many fellow players and old friends where possible to share beer and stories with!

see you at FF2015!


13:00 – Serenity
A Brutor Guide to Empyrean Health
A "how to" guide for positive mental and physical health for the average game player. How to take control of more than your virtual world and really live life like an immortal. Using the player behind Roc Wieler as an example, this session helps with goal-setting and creating steps for accountability and success for the rest of the year. - Roc Wieler, Stay Frosty.
15:25 - Serenity
Eve Fan Art
Join popular EVE Blogger, Pirate and Fan Artist Rixx Javix (Bryan Ward) as he talks about the place EVE Fan Art has in the community and announces several exciting new projects you won't want to miss.
16:00 - Jita
EVE Fan Creations
Sit down with Rixx Javix, Andrew Groen and CCP Spitfire to discuss the practical aspects of collaboration between the player creators and CCP.
16:00 - Serenity
The Art of War in New Eden
This seminar looks at the theory and doctrine behind modern global warfare and encourages participants to question how much of it is appropriate to wars in EVE Online. We discuss strategy and analyse the thinking of two key figures (Clausewitz and Sun Tzu) and apply their lessons to EVE Online in order to identify how we can look deeper into EVE warfare than merely the tactical levels of killing ships and pods. - Spanky Ikkala, EVE University.
17:00 -Tranquility
EVE Online Keynote


11:00 – Rens
Community Fansites
Do you run a community Fansite? Interested in making something for everyone? Find out what plans CCP has for the program and come give your Feedback.
12:00 – Rens
Player Gatherings
Do you host player gatherings? Are you interested in what goes into organizing player gatherings? Are you interested in starting one in your area? Let's talk.
12:00 – Amarr
UK Community
Join devs and players from the UK to talk about EVE. This is a good opportunity to raise issues specific to the UK.
12:00 – Jita
Low Sec and Factional Warfare
Come chat with us about faction warfare. How is it now? How could it improve? You tell us!
14:00 - Singularity
Evolution of the CSM
Join our time travel adventure to learn more about the Council of Stellar Management.
15:00 – Jita
Lowsec and Crimewatch
Yarr! Come discuss lowsec with us, especially the bits about legality, piracy and general s
15:00 – Singularity
CSM Panel
Members of the 9th Council of Stellar Management review their term and answer questions from the audience.
15:25 - Serenity
RL vs. EVE Journalism
A look behind the screens of EN24 at how news is being reported in EVE and the influence of news on the community. - Bobmon, Habitual Euthanasia
16:00 - Jita
Valkyrie Engineering
Come meet some of the programmers working on EVE: Valkyrie and ask them about anything from the backend services to gameplay programming, flight model code to details about the VR implementation.
17:00 - Tranquility
Worlds Collide
Two teams meet in a live best-of-5 EVE Online PvP series on the main stage of Harpa! One team hails from Tranquility while the other comes from Serenity and these two servers will clash in exciting spaceship battles with commentary and analysis, all with the thunderous applause of you, the live audience. Worlds Collide in Eldborg and you will not want to miss it.
21:00 – Downtown
Pub Crawl


11:00 – Dodixie
Galactic Party Planning Guide
Featuring the players behind the largest EVE player gatherings around the world, this round table is for those looking to discuss EVE player meets or who want advice about organizing or growing their own meetups of any size.
13:00 – Rens
Future of EVEsports
Discuss the current and future possibilities of organized tournaments in EVE Online, whether it is official CCP tournaments or player run events!
 14:00 – Dodixie
Come have a chat with the Fanfest organizers about the event itself and how we can make it even better!
 17:00 – Tranquility
Closing Ceremony

20:00 – Harpa
Party on top of the world

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