Friday 6 April 2012

Old news, cool videos

Yes I know this is old news but these video's deserve a little attention, this is the reason I want to play eve, the trailers are just so godamn sexy! Just one thing CCP; y u no like dust on pc?


  1. From a Penny Arcade interview at Fanfest, this is the most succinct answer I've seen to your question...

    Dust represents a huge shift for a company that’s dependent on a hardcore PC game. The biggest change is the platform: Dust 514, for the time being, is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. “I think if you were to put it on PC we would have brought with us all the complexity of EVE into a shooter-style, and we would have ended up with something like an Excel shooter,” P├ętursson said, poking fun at people who characterize EVE Online as being a game about flying spreadsheets. “It has been really helpful to make it for consoles, to make sure it is simple and intuitive and all the sort of rules and expectations that a console product has have been helpful to make sure when you play it, you think this is not difficult to get into.”

  2. mm interesting point i guess, thanks for the comment