Monday 8 November 2010

Mo Money Mo Pwoblems? / The State of lowsec?

Very recently I have sold two of my alts and netted myself a solid 15 billion isk. To be very honest I haven’t been poor for a long time. This was just a onetime big injection of isk.

One character I never used anymore for personal reasons just sat there and it was time to bin him or sell him. 8 billion offered made it an easy choice not to bio him but take the isk. Then with the loss of a T3 worth about a billion on another alt I came to realise that Nashh is the one that should spend all the isk on flash ships and not my alts. I don’t make enough isk to have multiple characters losing expensive ships! So I sold him to making me another 7 billion.

I tried to burn some of the isk quickly to make sure something useful gets done with the isk. I purchased a new prober alt for 2.5 billion, donated 2 billion to the corp, gave away 1 billion in faction ships, purchased a cap fleet (1 moros and 2 thanny’s) and spend 2 billion on faction frigates and cruisers with 2 billion in modules and faction fittings.

My hangar is the sex. Everything I ever wanted and more, there are shiny faction ships in there I can’t even fly yet. My ships are fitted up in the way I want with whatever I want.

I have always had multiple ships ready to go at any time. I did this to avoid the sting of losing one or two. The problem with having the isk is that I undock ships rather carelessly. For situations where a T1 frigate suffices I now take out a faction ship. I engage ships or get into situations that any sane pilot would avoid. Obvious bait? Yes please, why not? I have plenty! Gun-Ho Gun-Ho! Oh crap I am dead. In general sloppiness and over-fitting the basic requirements of my ships I have lost in the region of 1 billion isk. /me shrugs…

I am an atheist, although I do have a strong belief in morals and values. This also leads me to believe in a twisted version of karma, or if you prefer; what goes around, comes around. Shit is coming around. I fitted an Ishtar with Centum A-Type Medium reps, faction point, T2 rigs and more such juicy stuff. Wow, on paper that thing is a beast! Let’s test it? Anyone? Hey dude you free? What about you? Ah nevermind chaps I’ll just shoot at the station for a bit and see how she rolls. Pew! Bish bash bosh, LOL this station sux balls, cup of tea you say? Yes please, o btw did you see so and so, holy fucksticks I forgot to inject some cap! The 1.3 billion Ishtar bought it, due to being careless.

I buy some more faction stuff in Jita, and not that I have any immediate use for it I decide against better judgement to take it home myself, in an Ibis. Yes, a corp-mate offered to cloaky-haul my gear the following day but I didn’t want to wait. Needless to say I didn’t even make it halfway home, losing the 1.2 billion cargo.

I had intended to take very good care of my new prober alt. No I don’t fly a T3 prober/gang booster no more. Instead I figured as I will only be flying a single cheap ship and look after it well to invest in top-spec probing implants. Just before lunch-time I docked up Nashh and my prober alt. I had a cheese sandwich, a cup of coffee and some stick-crisps, you know the ones that look a little like skinny French fries. Nashh was docked up just where he should be, my alt however was docked 44 jumps from Evati. I didn’t even have to think too long to figure out what happened. The station must have rejected my ship as it was still cloaked, then uncloaked it and left it floating outside. As I was tucking into my cheese sandwich a scoundrel blew up my ship and 1.7 billion pod.

One might say; surely you have made some wicked kills to compensate for the soul-destroying losses you have suffered? The answer is pretty simple; no. I have not made any more kills than when I had limited isk. In fact, I have made less kills. To be very honest, I have not scored a satisfying kill for some time, other than a few arranged 1vs1’s and that time I dropped a Thanny on a noob-ship.

Is it the general state of low sec? That seems to be what everyone else is proclaiming. Low sec apparently is shit, the game is fucked. Veterans I respect are fading, not logging in anymore, playing other games, moving on. ‘New-breed-so-called-pirates’ suck mayor balls and either blob or run away like little girls, ruining the game for others, or are they? ECM is overpowered, unless it’s on our side, right? Is strength in numbers? Is running away, hiding, ECM cowardly or clever? Someone is having fun right?

I guess a discussion is what I am asking for; does isk rot the brain? Have I become spoiled beyond my means? Am I now too careless and if I am does it matter? Will I be able to amend my ways? Will my mind ever allow me to return to just T1 ships? T2 and Faction makes you feel like a demi god though right? And they look sexy right? Is it not me? is it you? Is it low-sec? Was it the cheese sandwich? what is the solution to any of these questions? Am I asking too many questions? Is this post about anything at all? did I have to many coffee’s today?


Watch this space…


  1. To answer your last paragraph:
    No. Yes. Yes and no. Surely. Absolutely yes. Not like killing the fotm with something everyone else despises. YES! Partly. No. Not really, though there are changes. Delicious i suppose. Just gave them. No, im fine. Yes, isk. I have no fucking idea, you mad, how am i supposed to know?

    On a related note, i recently brought a Gila to a shield cane gang as i had none around and was primaried for some odd reason (srsly, i had twice the tank and half the dps as everyone else in my gang, what were they even thinking) but i hadnt have as much fun in Eve for atleast a year than i had here: (dont read the rest of my killboard, i am realy bad at Pvp)

    Oh and a great post, awesome moves you did thar.

  2. Not sure if an overload of ISK actually rots the brain, but it sure seems to lead to sloppy decisions. =]

    Apart from that there's not that much I can add to De'Vadder's answer.


    Yes, yes it does.

    I sold my freighter alt, wasted the isk in 2 weeks.

    Now, I have to grind to earn my ships I feel it adds a value to them so I have to fly more carefully and select my targets better.

  4. It really depends on you're mentality i think. I make enough isk to fly and lose faction stuff pretty much as much as i want, it doesn't mean i actually do it. I prefer getting kills in underpowered ships or against the odds. The real question here i would day is, what do you want?

    If you like it, stick with it. If not go back to t1 ships and t2 fittings. I mean opinion the fun is not from the ships, but the way you fly them and the kills you get with them.

    As for lowsec being dead, well as long as i can find idiots in ratting carriers at top belt am calling shenanigans on that. Proof of case:

  5. Hey Cyber, long time so see. Nash, I miss you, ya silly wanker. Low Sec still fudged up I see?

    I have to admit, I'm itching for some Pew Pew.


    Too much isk does rot the brain. Let me give you a challenge:

    This is what RoninData did: he banked his isk with a third party and left himself with 100million. His challenge was to use that amount to build up his reserves or die (and die) trying.

    He never had a chance to write up his experience but I think this would be a nice blog series for you...

  7. Abundant ISK turns a good pirate into shit. It's why I buy a PLEX every time I happen to accrue enough ISK to afford one.

  8. Having too much ISK is just boring. Undocking an interceptor knowing that you can only afford three or four of them and the pressure to find some good target or to steal someone elses loot is what makes this game work for me. On the other hand I'd love to take my Comet for a spin but I just can't allow me to lose it.

  9. /me nods. yep i agree. follow up post brewing...

  10. I agree 100%, too much isk takes the fun away. No risk. Before my break I had amassed a large sum of isk, this isk was part of the problem as to why it started to get dull. Next time I'm back to the game, I'm selling my other two alts and putting it all on one toon to shoulder it all. I love the idea of banking most or investing and running with a limited amount. I'm so going to do that here after the holidays when I come back.

  11. Y'know what rots the brain? Being stupid. Foolishness rots the brain and makes you lazy, a little hardship goes a long way toward the heart of the warrior. Why do you think there aren't any rich grunts in the Army? lol. Having ISK is awesome, a little or a lot, it shouldn't matter. But I have found that having more only makes me more likely to be stupid. It's called an "edge" and being hungry gives me more of an "edge".

    Hang in there, it won't be long before most of it is gone.