Thursday, 4 June 2015

New Bastard logo and shirts

We are now nearing the holy number to finally apply for our own in-game alliance logo, it only took us 8 years. With this momentous occasion finally approaching it is high time we get our winged skull and crossed swords a revamp and ready for in-game deployment.

Our logo has seen some variations over the years depending who had control of the corporation and who was heading up the art department at specific times. The theme however has always been the same and always will be.

Since being back and taking the reigns at [BSTRD] I have missed our single skulled logo and I am happy to now show off the logo designed by Rixx Javix that will carry our pride for the foreseeable future. 

The alliance is also growing steadily, activity is at an all-time high and despite all of us flying under one flag each corporation has their own identity and style, represented by their own branded t-shirts we will be wearing at any live event we attend.

We are still recruiting and if you want to come and chat to us please drop by the in-game channel 'DBastards' or join our open roams available at least every Monday.


  1. Awesome. Last time I drew a skull with wings you had it tattoo'd on your back!

  2. Wow that's a few years back now! Time flies ;)

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