Sunday 30 November 2014

Fiction; Bastard Alliance Expansion > THE Black Rabbits

The boardroom adjacent to Nashh's office had not been as busy ever before. Several weeks of negotiating terms had successfully been completed and with a final signature from Gilgamesh the alliance was now official.

The Black Rabbit put down his pen and extended an open hand to the Bastard CEO. Nashh Kadavr smiled and grasped it firmly in return, 'welcome aboard, may our joined efforts prove to be fruitful and profitable'.

To Nashh's right, Dwaigon was already working on a data-pad sorting out several technical aspects of the newly found alliance. On the other side of the large oak table Lazy and Salash grinned as Ithica produced a large bottle of sparkling wine and began to unwrap the foil top.

As head of security and with a natural paranoia, Dwaigon, studying some data intently, shocked out of his concentration as the cork was expelled from the bottle.

The pirate commanders burst out laughing as the bubbly flowed generously.

'Security can wait until later Dwaig, relax, celebrate...' Nashh instructed, as he handed over a tall glass of the fizzing beverage.

Just then, a loud siren from hangar bay 12 interrupted the pleasantries. The newly formed alliance leadership stood in silence before all directing their eyes over to Nashh.

'On screen' Nashh instructed.

'Someone is attempting to board your Moros' Dwaigon smiled smugly, 'Security can wait, right boss?'

'It's Dame, motherf....'

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