Tuesday 9 September 2014

Final countdown!

Only a few more days until #EVE_NT! hopefully after this weekend I can go back to a normal life and sleep at night. Pressure has been building over the last few weeks and a few let downs nearly broke my spirit.

Talk about biting of more than you can chew, shiiiit. From an intended little get-together the event has exploded into the beast it is now. I am producing a documentary with the help of a crew of 9, our gaming college next door has provided me with 5 crew to manage the tournaments we have going to have, never mind the logistics of the Bar and Restaurant having to cater 12 hours long for 150 beer hungry space geeks!. then of course there is the work and efforts required to get people to sponsor or donate stuff to keep the punters happy...

Almost everything is in place now and without the help of a considerable amount of people that I will thank on Saturday this would not have been possible. I am stressed and  anxious but also very excited. Cant wait!

#EVE_NT September 13th, be there or be a douche-bag!

For more info please see the event website; www.pvp101.net


  1. Nice work! It has turned into quite the event. Really looking forward to meeting a few people and losing at some games, thanks for putting it on! :)

  2. Thanks for organizing that event! …even though I can't participate myself [1], it's good to see something happing in old blighty!

    [1] which smarts, because I'd have loved to meet Kane in person, amongst other people.