Saturday 18 September 2010

Time is not on my side...

Just in case anyone is wondering were my posts of any substance have gone, please do not worry, I am still here and willing.

Its simply that time is not on my side atm, RL has been busy, work has been insane at times. Then there is my ingame time...

As a proud Recruitment Officer for my beloved corp, I spend about 5 hours a week on recruitment related stuff. This would not be a mayor issue if I'd have 20 hrs of gametime a week but I have about 10, meaning I have only 5 hours to go out and experiance eve, and thus having something to write about. Those 5 hours are eaten up quickly by me setting up ships, messing around with alts. selling stuff, trading, making a little isk so on and so on...

On top of that I am working on another CDM Video, something that is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. It's about there, but there are a few bits missing and the overall finish is not to my liking... I hope the finished product will be to everyones liking, the stress its causing me is enough for me to consider never making another one.

Then there is another project I foolishly signed myself up for, a super sekrit project that sounds to crazy for words. A project of EPIC proportions and something only a bat-fuck-crazy-psycho could come up with. Dont ask me to explain coz I really cant, o yeah and its confidential so even if I did understand what I signed myself up for I couldn't tell you.

Thank you for your patience and still reading this blog, the daily hits have increase nearly two-fold over the last 6 months and even with very little content an excellent daily reader turnout. Much love...


Just a quick mention for our new US additions, Mooot and Kwerkus, already ripping up our Killboard in excellent fashion, glad you are on our side!

Remember the Bastards are still recruiting, help yourself though chaps; if you really want to be part of the legendary Bastards, take a moment and read our FAQ and spend a little time on that application form. First impressions count!


  1. I hear you on the pain of making a video - myself, I am still toiling away on footage from half a year ago (no Bastards pilot material here though, much to my dismay)

  2. Hang in there. RL has been tough the last few weeks for me as well, and all I do is keep adding to my plate. You'd think we'd learn?

  3. But Nashh did brilliantly when he took over FC last night. Excellent work. Your hard work is deeply appreciated and I will step in and take some of the euro recruits off your hands. However, this new intrigued...

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